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How to set up CRM Tagging
How to set up CRM Tagging

CRM Tagging — Use Your Videos To Automate Your Marketing

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Tag your viewers in your CRM or email platform when they meet a desired condition while watching your video... So your other marketing is personalized specifically for what they have already watched to get the conversion.

For example, if someone didn’t see the pricing info in your video, you can email it to them. Or if they did see your pricing info but didn’t buy, you can send them a coupon — automatically.

How To Create Tags

From your My Vids page, choose the video you want to set up tags for.

Then from the Vid Settings sidebar, Click Tags > Create New Tag > enter the tag name, desired trigger condition, and field > press Enter/Return > hit Save.

The trigger conditions that you can choose from are:

  • Time — This option will tag the viewer in your CRM when they watch up to a certain point in your video

  • Call to Action — This option will tag any viewers that click on your Vidalytics Call to Action button

  • Interactive — This option will send the choices that your viewer makes on your interactive video funnel

Next Steps

You will need to set up the Zapier Integration in order to send your tag data to your CRM. Please check out this article on how to set that up.

For more information on tagging, check out our FAQ article here!

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to our support team!

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