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CRM / Email Platform Tagging FAQ
CRM / Email Platform Tagging FAQ

FAQ about setting up the Zapier integration and CRM tagging

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Please note: Tagging is not available on the Free plan, to gain access you will need to upgrade to any of our paid plans!
​Q: How can I connect a CRM / ESP platform with the videos embedded in my landing page builder?

A: To connect a CRM / ESP platform with any landing page builder, you will need to use our integration with Zapier. You can find more information on how to do it here.

Q: I have created a tag on my video, set it up inside Zapier but it's not firing. What's wrong?

A: Have you checked out this article that we have on how to tag your viewers? If your landing page builder can pass on parameters such as email address through your URL (link to your page would look like e.g., we advise that you use the first method from the article (Via URL Parameter) to set it up. If you are using ClickFunnels (or other page builders) and your video is behind an opt-in page you will need to use the second method (Via Embed Code (Advanced)). The second method is quite advanced and will require either some JavaScript knowledge or for you to reach out to a JavaScript developer who will be able to set it up properly for you. You need to use the second method because ClickFunnels doesn't allow parameters to be passed from one page to the other (e.g. from the opt-in page to the webinar/video page).

Q: Will the tag fire multiple times for the same viewer?

A: No, tags will fire only once per viewer/user. If you want to be able to tag people every time they register for the webinar (or something else) even if they are using the same computer / browser, you will need to add this code to your website:



Q: Can you process an email address with a '+' (plus) sign in it?

A: We can process them, but it's worth mentioning that the email address which is passed as a URL parameter must be URL encoded. This means that '+' (plus) sign needs to be replaced with '%2B'.

Q: Is there any delay between tags firing and them being processed?

A: While processing is close to real-time, sometimes it can get delayed by high traffic. We are doing our best, monitoring and reacting fast, however we are processing such huge amounts of data that sometimes we can see results a few hours after making changes. Also, Zapier has a delay when getting data from us, depending on the plan. For example, for the Starter plan it's 15 minutes as shown below:

Q: Do you have an alternative for tags?

A: Yes, we do have an alternative solution called Play Gates (beta). Play Gates allow you to prevent your viewers from watching any more of your video until they opt in. These can appear at any time. Meaning you can drop them right as the intrigue is at a maximum in your video, ensuring you get that email.

Q: I get an error saying 'field ID is required' when I try to create a tag. What's wrong?

A: You can create your tags by typing the name then pressing enter. The field you entered then should have a gray background and a delete icon (x). You should be able to save it afterwards.

Q: Does a video need to be unmuted for the tag to be fired?

A: Yes, the video needs to be unmuted for the tag to be fired.

Q: Can I tag viewers that click on my Call To Action (CTA) button?

A: Yes! You can tag the viewers that click on your CTA by choosing the "Call to Action" option when creating your tag.

Q: Is it possible to see events (tags) from previous video viewers?

A: No, we cannot apply tags retroactively.

Q: Is the tag fired by the time on the page / when the user watches the video for that long or when the video is viewed anywhere along the total length that is beyond the tag?

A: The tag is based on the time on the video, not the time on the page; and if someone were to skip to minute 10 while the tag is on minute 5, the tag would be fired because the time on the video is higher than 5 minutes. If you don't want this to happen, we recommend removing the seeking bar so that this gets prevented.

Q: Why do I have multiple copies of the same tag?

A: If you have already created a set of tags and you want to apply them, when you type the name out, wait until the drop down menu appears and then choose one of tags that already exist. You can check if you have created duplicate tags by going to the Integrations page.

Q: Tags aren't firing during my testing process. What's wrong?

A: The missing tags can be a result of the testing process which did not fulfill all requirements for the tag to be fired. Please keep in mind that when using incognito for the testing process, opening a new incognito tab in an incognito window does not change anything since all actions happen in the same session. Data is not cleared until the whole browser is closed and reopened in incognito again. Also, tags won't be fired twice for the same user. To enable tags firing multiple times for the same user, you will need to either clear your localStorage data in the domain where you are testing before trying to retest the tags or just create an another tag.

To summarize, for the tag to be fired during the testing process these requirements need to be met:

  1. tag values need to be properly passed;

  2. localStorage must be cleared;

  3. the video must be unmuted;

  4. the viewer must meet the desired condition for the tag to fire

  5. browser window where the video is playing must remain the active window. Email addresses won't be tagged if the video is playing in the background.


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