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How to Set Up the Zapier Integration
How to Set Up the Zapier Integration

Zapier + Vidalytics Integration

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Please note: our integrations are not available on the Free plan, to gain access you will need to upgrade to any of our paid plans!

Step 1:

Enable Zapier on the Integrations tab:

Then, go to the specific video you want to set up tags for. Click Tags > Create New Tag > enter the tag name, desired condition, and field > press Enter/Return > hit Save

Step 2:

To create a "zap", you'll need two apps to connect. First, a trigger app (Vidalytics, in this case), and an action app (which in this case will be the popular CRM ActiveCampaign, although it works with any other CRM, EMS, etc.)

Here's a short video about how to set up this zap (click below): 

If you wish to use Zapier to tag your viewers, check out this article by our CTO. 


The token lifetime inside of Zapier is set to two weeks. So, if you don't have any activity for two weeks, you'll have to reconnect your account from Zapier (which is the very first step when choosing the app). Or, you can also manage connections in the account settings. 

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