Video tags can be triggered at any specific time during video playback. This is a very powerful feature that can be used in many ways.


  • You can send an email to the user if he watched the video until the end (keep in mind a good practice - set the video tag time about 10 seconds before the end instead of the last second)

  • You can add the user to a specific e-mail campaign after he reaches some point in the video.

Every video tag passes the “user_id” and “email” fields by default, but you will still need to add "email" and/or "user_id" into the Field name part of the tag to be able to properly tag them. Values for all fields are taken from the URL parameters. 

So for example, if your site URL is and you want to pass the “email” field value, then your link has to be http://[email protected]

It is also possible to pass custom field values when the video tag is fired. To do this, you must register a field (or fields) for the video tag in your video settings.

For example, you can add your custom field named “customField123”. Then, to pass on its value when the video tag is fired, you need your URL to be similar to this one:

If you want to pass both the email and your custom tag, your URL would be something like -- http://[email protected]&customField123=something

For ClickFunnel users:

Since ClickFunnels does not pass form values via the URL, you'll need to do go through a couple more steps to get this to work. Go here to learn how to set this up in ClickFunnels.

You can also use a very cool tool - CF Pro Tools. You will be able to get the code for CF URL Email Replacer which will pass the email address from the opt-in to the URL on the next page.

More info on CF Pro Tools HERE

How to set up and use the URL Email Replacer from CF Pro Tools HERE


The field tag is something you need to get from your CRM. It must match identically to what your CRM calls it (e.g. if they call it "contact_id" you must put that into our system exactly). You may be able to choose from more than one field over there, but it must be unique. The typical ones are email address (only one person can have the same email address) and contract id (or some variation of what your CRM calls contact id).

For a more advanced method, check out this article:

How to Tag Your Video Viewers in Your CRM or Email Platform Via Embed Code (Advanced)

To set up your Zap in Zapier, check out this article: 

How to Set Up the Zapier Integration

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