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Vidalytics + CF Pro Tools
Vidalytics + CF Pro Tools
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If you don't have a CF Pro Tools account yet, go here to sign up today:

You can use CF Pro Tools to optimize your ClickFunnels pages to the max.

One of the best features to use with Vidalytics is the CF URL Email Replacer, which passes the email address from any of your opt-in forms via your URL on the next page, where you have your Vidalytics video.

This will allow you to skip having to mess with JS or hiring a developer when trying to tag viewers on your CRM based on video watch time, if you are connecting Vidalytics to ClickFunnels via Zapier.

The good thing is that, in addition to streamlining your tags, you'll also get a lot of automations and smart features for all your ClickFunnels pages.

For more information on how to set up this integration, head over to the CF Pro Tools documentation here:

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