What is bandwidth?
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Bandwidth can be pretty confusing, but don't worry! We're here to help.

Bandwidth is the data that gets passed to a viewer when they play your video(s). Every time someone watches your video, data gets passed from Vidalytics to their browsers, which is counted as bandwidth.

Other things count toward your monthly bandwidth usage too — like the player and thumbnail image loading, video thumbnails, the media being loaded and played by your own internal views, and the media being downloaded.

How It Works

When you upload a video to Vidalytics, we encode it into a dozen different formats so they are optimized for every device and browser out there. When we do this, we use Machine Learning (Per Title) that makes them extra light (so they loads faster) while keeping the same quality. This saves you bandwidth and increases your conversions.

We also use Adaptive Bitrate Streaming to optimize your viewers experience. This is where we chop up your video into hundreds of little pieces and feed a few chunks to your user at a time.

This 1) Saves you a ton on bandwidth. And 2) allows us to switch the size and quality midstream if your user’s connection slows down. So your users almost never see your videos buffering. Because when videos buffer, we all suffer.

How To Check Your Bandwidth Usage

You can check your bandwidth usage for the month inside your account. Just click on your account name at the bottom left of your screen, then "Account Settings". Or, click this link.

From here, your bandwidth usage is shown in the "Plan Usage" section of the page.

Zight 2024-3-25 at 3.54.29 PM

Profile bandwidth info is updated between 11pm and 2am UTC each day, and contains your past day's usage.

So, when calculating your daily average, just remove a day from the total day count to make sure you're getting full days and not any incomplete data for the last day.

Can I Get Cheaper Bandwidth Rates?

Absolutely. We have enterprise plans available with volume discounts. These start around 1TB a month, and they are as competitive as any other video platform.

Just contact us to inquire about them.

How Can I Save Bandwidth?

Please check out this article for some tips and tricks on how to minimize your bandwidth consumption!

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