How can I save bandwidth?

Tips and tricks on how to minimize bandwidth consumption

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FACT: we use Adaptive Bitrate Streaming and Per Title AI in our encodings, which saves you much more bandwidth than other bandwidth-based providers. On top of this, our bandwidth is less expensive than most of the other options available.

Still, if you drive a lot of traffic to your site, you can consume a lot of bandwidth as well.

Some ways you can reduce your bandwidth usage are:

  • Turn off Smart Autoplay

  • Decrease video resolution

  • Make your video shorter

Turn off Smart Autoplay

Smart Autoplay is one of the best features you can benefit from in Vidalytics. But of course, it can drive your bandwidth consumption up. This is because even if your video is not clicked at all, it'll still use bandwidth for as long as your visitor is on your page.

So, before you decide to turn autoplay on, think about if your use case requires it. You might not need autoplay if you're using the videos for your online course or if you have multiple testimonial videos on one page. However, if you're using Vidalytics for your Video Sales Letter, Smart Autoplay is definitely a feature you want to take advantage of.Β 

Decrease video resolution

Reducing your video's resolution will absolutely help you save on bandwidth, but it will impact the quality of the content you present to your audience. Be mindful of this when exporting your video file. A resolution of 720p might be more than enough in most cases, and if your video is mostly text on screen, a lower resolution will also work.

Note: compressing your video with tools like Handbrake won't help, as we transcode it to multiple versions anyway :). Compression will mostly help you with a faster upload, but nothing else.

Make your video shorter

Getting rid of unnecessary sections on your video can also save you a lot of bandwidth. Of course, this might require a rework of your copy / message, but if you're really trying to reduce your bandwidth consumption, this is a sure way of accomplishing just that.

Another option: Use an animated GIF as a thumbnail

We hear you – turning off autoplay can help save you bandwidth, but on the other hand, it can negatively impact conversions. Fortunately, we have an alternative solution for you:Β 

It's basically an image disguised as a video. 😊 If you create one out of your video (cut some parts off) and upload it as a thumbnail, it will look like the video is playing, and it's a nice workaround to grab people's attention. 

Keep in mind that regular thumbnails, as well as animates GIF thumbnails still use bandwidth, so make sure that you compress your thumbnail images before adding them to your video. For optimum thumbnail sizes, check this article out.
​If you don't want to do any of this, though, reach out to us! We have special Enterprise plans that may be best for your usage and can save you some money as well. πŸ˜‰

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