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Interactive Smart Vids FAQ
Interactive Smart Vids FAQ
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Q: How does tagging work?

A: Tagging will work throughout the entire Smart Vid as long as you’re passing it through a unique identifier in the URL, as opposed to the player API. Identifiers are stored in the session until the very last video in the Smart Vid. Same thing for Play Gates.

Q: Are we able to track the choices our viewers selected and pass that information to integrations like Zapier?

A: Yes, this is possible.

Q: What does Inherit Styles do?

A: When this setting is enabled on a video, every video after that video will have the same settings.

Q: The video I want to send my viewer to is grayed out in the "Goes to Vid" dropdown. What do I do?

A: Videos can only be used once in the Smart Vid. If you want to send multiple options to the same video, you must duplicate that video first in your Vidalytics account.

*Tip: Rename the duplicated video accurately.

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of videos I can have in my Smart Vids Funnel?

A: No, there is no limit :)

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