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How to Pass Smart Vid Data to Your CRM
How to Pass Smart Vid Data to Your CRM

Send information about the choices that your viewers select to your CRM.

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In order to send the information about the choices that your viewers select in your Interactive Smart Vid to your CRM or Email platform, we have to create an Interactive Tag.


  1. Go to the Video Settings page (You can start on the Branch Settings page in your Interactive Funnel, and click Go to Vid Settings from that screen)

  2. Navigate to the Tag section on the left

  3. Click Create a New Tag

  4. Name your tag, and select 'Interactive'.

  5. In the Fields section, you can save any other fields you're passing through the URL, such as email, contact ID, user ID, etc.

  6. Click Save

  7. Republish your video by clicking Republish in the top right corner

  8. Go to Zapier > Create a New Zap

  9. Set Vidalytics as the first step in your Zap

  10. In the Event dropdown, click New Interactive Video

  11. In the Account dropdown, select your Vidalytics account, then select the appropriate Interactive Video

  12. Click continue, and test your trigger

  13. Click continue (again)

  14. In step 2, connect your CRM or Email platform (you can also send this info to a spreadsheet)

  15. In the Event dropdown, click Create or Update Contact

  16. In the Action section, we'll configure what we need. The selections will be sent as text fields. We're using ActiveCampaign in our example, so we'll select the appropriate list.

  17. Since our field is email, in the email dropdown we'll select the email parameter. We'll also want to add the choice as a tag, so in the Tags dropdown we'll select 'Params Choice Text'. (You'll see different options here depending on your CRM / Email platform). If you have custom fields in your CRM, you can also configure that here.

  18. Then click continue, and test your action.

  19. Go to your CRM or email platform and make sure the contact has the specific choice added as a tag.

  20. Publish your zap.

Reach out to [email protected] with any questions :)

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