If you're a Premium or Enterprise user, you can add multiple users to your Vidalytics account very easily.

You can also set different permissions based on the level of access you want to give to each of those users according to their responsibilities inside your team 😉

To add a team member, select ‘User Settings’ from your account dropdown, then click ‘+ New User’. You will need their name and email address. When new users are invited, they’ll receive an email with steps for them to set up their Vidalytics’ user account.

The permissions you can grant are:

  • Create Conversions

  • Add/Edit Payment Settings

  • Child account managing

  • Use Integrations

  • Add IP Filters

  • View Video Settings

  • Add Domain Whitelisting

  • Edit Video Settings

  • Upload

  • View Video Stats

  • Delete Videos

To Delete a user, simply click the delete button to the right of the user and confirm your choice.

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