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How are the metrics on the table calculated?
How are the metrics on the table calculated?
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Please note: The stats page is not available on the Free plan, to gain access you will need to upgrade to any of our paid plans!

1. Plays

Total number of times your video has been watched.

2. Play Rate

How often your video was played compared to how often it was shown. It is calculated from all session hits:

successful play / sessions

If someone in his session has started playback, it is counted as 100%. If there were two sessions and only one playback, then it is 50%.

Example: 33% indicates that there were 3 sessions from which only one has played.

3. Unique Plays

Total number of times your video has been watched, excluding repeat viewers. 

4. Engagement

This is the average of the overall engagement of your video. The formula is: 

engagement = totalWatchedTime / (totalWatches * videoLength)
(total watched time is a summary of all watches from everyone)

Note: Sessions are when the video is loaded. It is similar to Google Analytics when they tell you your site has had a number of sessions- which refers to the times your page was loaded.

5. Conversions

These are the number of people who converted for this video. I.e. the number of viewers who completed the desired action for this video (opt-in for your list, bought your product, etc.)

6. Conversion Rate

This is the percentage of people who have converted of the total people that have watched your video. 

To calculate it, we use a simple formula:

(Conversions x 100) / Total Views 

7. Average Order

This is the total revenue (you set the revenue per conversion when you're creating a new conversion) of all conversions divided by the total number of people who converted. 

8. Revenue

Total income calculated for this video, based on the conversion value you gave your conversion when you created it.


You can calculate your video's total watch time by using this formula:

[plays] * [engagement] * [video length]

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