These are the usual charges in every billing statement:

  1. Plan - This is the plan itself (Pro, Premium, etc.). This is billed on your purchase date or bill date (think prepaid).

  2. Overages - These are the charges for usage beyond the plan’s allocation (e.g. customer on the Pro plan used 202 GB bandwidth in a month = 2 GB is the overage). As there is no way to determine this at the beginning of their billing cycle, it is charged at the end.

The Billing Statement Explained

In this billing statement, the billing date is 04/26/2019 and it covers the billing period 03/26/2019 to 04/26/2019.

The charges are as follows:

1 - This is the charge for the actual plan. As this is “prepaid”, this is basically for the upcoming billing cycle, which is 04/26/2019 to 05/26/2019, as shown inside the parentheses.

2 - This “free” bandwidth comes from the plan (#1) that was already paid for in the previous month. 

3 - As the name implies, these are the usage that are beyond their plan allocation. This time, it is “post-paid”. This is the usage from 03/26/2019 to 04/26/2019.

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