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ClickFunnels: How to Use Vidalytics on Auto Webinars
ClickFunnels: How to Use Vidalytics on Auto Webinars
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If you're building an Auto Webinar, here's the way you'd need to set your video pages up. 

If you'd rather see how to do this as a video, go here:


  1. Create your (1) auto webinar funnel and a (2) non-auto webinar funnel (this is where the video will be embedded)

2. In the non-autowebinar funnel, you only need to create a page for your broadcast room.

Edit the page to your liking and add your Vidalytics video, following these instructions

3. Copy your broadcast room URL from the top of the funnel step.

4. Inside your auto webinar funnel, change the submit action by going to Settings > General Settings > On Submit Go To, and paste the URL you previously copied.

Save your changes. That's it! 

Note: The automations inside of ClickFunnels, which are triggered by whether a user attends or does not attend the webinar, or views or does not view the offer in the webinar, will not work because there are two different funnels.

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