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ClickFunnels: Embedding Videos via Custom JS/HTML Element
ClickFunnels: Embedding Videos via Custom JS/HTML Element

This article shows how you can embed videos in ClickFunnels via Custom JS/HTML Element

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Note: If you're using the Auto Webinar funnel, make sure to follow these instructions.

This is actually super easy, although not as intuitive as you may think.

Here are the easy steps you'll have to follow:

  1. When creating a new step funnel within your ClickFunnels account and adding a new element, choose Custom HTML/JS, instead of Video:

    2. Then, click on the new element that just showed up on your page ("Custom Javascript/HTML"). A settings panel will automatically open up to the right of the page.

   3. Click on the "Open Code Editor" button inside the panel. An editor will pop up, where you can place your code.

    4. Paste your embed code on the code editor, close the pop-up and make sure the code type is set to '3rd Party Embed Code'.

That's it, you're all set! Your video will start playing as soon as you save your new funnel 😁

Important Things to Know 

You cannot embed the same video, using the same embed code twice on the same page. Here's how it works: 

  • Same video encoded twice and embedded using two embed scripts grabbed from two videos = both videos will play seamlessly.

  • Two embed scripts grabbed from the same video, no matter if embeds are embed/async/multiple = not okay, one of them will not play.

We don't see a lot of cases in which you'd want to have the same video on a page twice, but just wanted to let you know :) 

If you want to have the same video twice or more on your page, simply upload it twice to Vidalytics and grab the two different embed codes to place on your CF page :D 

If you want to embed two different videos on the same page though, you can do so by following these instructions. This applies when you're using two different videos on the same funnel step, one for mobile and one for desktop.

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