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Segment + Vidalytics Integration
Segment + Vidalytics Integration
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Please note: our integrations are not available on the Free plan. To gain access, you will need to upgrade to any of our paid plans.

Welcome! This guide will help you integrate Vidalytics with Segment.

Segment is a customer data platform that helps you collect, clean, and control your customer data.

With the Vidalytics integration, you can send video engagement data from Vidalytics to Segment, allowing you to track and analyze how users interact with your videos across different channels.

Steps for Integration

Step 1: Accessing Segment

  1. Log in to Segment:

    • Navigate to the Segment app and log in with your credentials.

  2. Add a Source:

    • Go to Connections -> Sources and click on the "Add Source" button.

    • In the catalog, search for "PHP" server. Once you see the result, click on it.

    • Add a name for the source and click "Add."

  3. Copy the Write Key:

    • In the overview of the source, locate the "Write Key." Copy it for the next steps.

Step 2: Connecting Segment to Vidalytics

  1. Log in to Vidalytics:

  2. Navigate to the Integration Page:

    • Find the Segment integration option and open the page.

  3. Paste the Write Key:

    • Paste the Write Key you copied from Segment into the designated field in Vidalytics and click on the "Enable Integration" button

  4. Complete the Integration:

    • Once you have pasted the Write Key button, the integration should be completed.

Retrieving Your Write Key:

  • If you lose your Write Key, you can always find it in the Segment app. Go to Sources, click on the created source, and it will be available in the overview and settings sections.

Data Passed to Segment

  • Play

  • Continue Play

  • Unmute

  • Pause

  • Played

  • Restart Playback

  • Resume Play

  • Play Gate Submission

  • Tags

Integration Benefits

  • Automated Data Collection: Automatically track video interactions such as plays, pauses, and completions, enhancing your analytics capabilities.

  • Seamless Data Transfer: Ensure smooth data transfer between Vidalytics and Segment for accurate event tracking.

  • Enhanced Audience Insights: Use the collected data to gain deeper insights into viewer behavior and improve your marketing strategies.

  • Improved Targeting: Use the detailed video interaction data to better segment your audience and deliver more personalized experiences.

By integrating Vidalytics with Segment, you can leverage powerful video analytics to enhance your data-driven decision-making and marketing efforts.

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