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What is Focused Full-Screen and How Do I Use It?
What is Focused Full-Screen and How Do I Use It?

This article shows you how to enable focused full-screen, which will make a video become full-screen once a viewer clicks Play.

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Focused Fullscreen

This feature enhances your viewing experience by allowing your viewers to watch videos in full browser window mode on desktop and full-screen mode on mobile devices without any distractions.

With Focused Fullscreen, your video won't take control of the whole device screen on desktop, but rather the browser window, and it'll keep the Vidalytics controls on mobile fullscreen.

The video will become full-screen once the viewer clicks 'Play.'

How to Use It

To activate Focused Fullscreen, simply click on the fullscreen button in the video player. You can choose to enable this feature for mobile and desktop separately.


Enhanced Focus: Focused Fullscreen helps you concentrate on the video content without any distractions.

Improved Immersion: By filling your browser window with the video, Focused Fullscreen provides a more immersive viewing experience, without taking control of the whole device screen on desktop, and without allowing iOS's native player to take over on mobile.


The Focused Fullscreen feature is available to all plans, and supported on all modern browsers and devices.

Note: Some adjustments to your HTML / CSS might be needed for Focused Fullscreen to work as expected on your site, so please review your live sites after turning this feature on, and before sending any traffic to them.

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