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I can't upload my video
I can't upload my video
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If you encounter an error when trying to upload your video, please check these things:

  1. What's the title of your video? At the moment, Vidalytics uploader doesn't          support special characters, such as '$', 'ü', 'ó', etc. Please remove those and upload your video again. Once the video is uploaded, you can add the special character back if you want to inside of Vidalytics. 

  2. What is the file type? The file type is actually a video file type, like: .mkv, .mp4, .mov, etc. You'll be able to upload most of the popular video file types to Vidalytics. 

  3. How big is your video? Make sure your file is not extremely big. Vidalytics has a 8GB limit per file for uploads. This should be enough even for long videos, like 2-hour long webinars. 

If you have a video that's bigger than 8GB, you'll probably want to compress it a bit before uploading. This will also help when streaming your video. 

We use HandBrake to compress our videos. It is open source, so you can get it right now for free

Once you're into HandBrake, simply select the source/video:

Select the file in your computer and it will be loaded in HandBrake.

Select a destination on your computer (if you don't want to overwrite the original file, make sure you change either the destination file name or folder.

Finally, select the "Web Optimized" option below "Output Settings". This is pretty much like "Saving for web" in Photoshop, which means it'll make your video smaller so it is more suitable to place on a webpage.

You can play with a ton more features in HandBrake, but this web optimization should be enough for you to compress your video file a bit and have it ready to upload to your Vidalytics account.

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