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Player Documentation: Everything you need to know
Player Documentation: Everything you need to know

Includes everything from our API, Embedding, Styling, Customization, Player Events, Tagging, Stick Video Feature, etc.

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All of our official Player Docs live here. You'll find all the essential information you need about our player, from integrating our API, to configuring custom events, to applying custom styles and more.

Here's a glossary of the documentation:

Player API

From getting started to player events, this section includes everything you need to know about our player and its rules, protocols, and methods.

Embedding Videos

Should you wish to customize your embed code, we have specific instructions on implementing Lazy Load or embedding in GoHighLevel.

Styling Videos

Check out custom styling and sizing capabilities here.

Overriding Video Settings

Here you'll find information about overriding aspect ratio and thumbnails, hiding play gates for split testing, and changing redirect URLs.


If you're interested in information about tagging viewers in your CRM or Email platform or setting up tags in Kartra check out this section.

Focused Fullscreen

On iPhone, when a viewer clicks fullscreen, the device's native operating system takes over, overriding the player's UI. This applies to any player, not just Vidalytics. Now, with Focused Fullscreen, you can prevent this and ensure that your video settings are intact on any device. Learn more about how this feature works in this section.

Other Examples

Here we've listed some specific information on some of our features, including Play Gates and CTAs. You'll also find information on URL parameters, Dynamic Conversion Values, and our Sticky Video Feature.


If you run into any questions as your explore our Player Docs, please let us know by reaching out to [email protected], and we'll be happy to help.

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