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What is a Conversion?
What is a Conversion?

What Conversion is and How It Works

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Please note: Conversion tracking is not available on the Free plan, to gain access you will need to upgrade to any of our paid plans!
Conversions are scripts you create to track actions on your site. Like opt-ins or sales.ย 

So, if you want to track sales, you just create a script and put it on the "thank you" or receipt page that people see after they make a purchase on your site. ๐Ÿ˜

Conversions are tracked like this:ย 

When a viewer sees video, we tag them with an e-tag, IP and cookie, and wait for them to convert.
We attribute that conversion back to their viewing of a specific video.
We would not show conversions from a viewer on a video they didn't watch. Or that they watched AFTER they converted.

A conversion window is how long after someone watches a video do you still want to track a conversion for that video. e.g. if a viewer watches a video and convert next week, you'll likely want to track that. If they convert next year - then no.

Repeat conversions:

If you think your people will buy multiple times within your conversion window and you want to see those multiple conversions in your vid stats - set it to "every conversion".

If you sell a product that people buy only once (like a monthly subscription, that is purchased only once and active from then on), you can set your conversions to be counted only 1 per visitor.

โ€‹If you need help understanding how conversions work or how to set them up on your website, contact us! ย 

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