WordPress and Vidalytics

This article shows how you can embed your Vidalytics videos in your WordPress site

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Wordpress is one of the most popular website builders out there, but it comes in many different variations and embedding your video can vary based on the type of WordPress environment you're using. In this article we'll cover the best ways to embed your video within WordPress.

First off, there are two main versions of WordPress. Wordpress.org and Wordpress.com

  • Wordpress.org is the fully customizable, self-hosted version of Wordpress. It comes with full support for themes and plugins, and requires paid hosting to use.

  • Wordpress.com is a free, blog style version of Wordpress with limited themes and no plugin support. The free version does not come with a custom domain, unless you upgraded to a paid version. Paid versions sometimes offer support for plugins.

We’ve found that most Vidalytics & WordPress users are on Wordpress.org, the self-hosted version with lots of customizable options.

Unfortunately, the Free version of Wordpress.com does not support custom embed code, so it is not compatible with Vidalytics at this time. But, if you are on a paid version, there are plugins that can manage user permissions or capabilities (such as this one: https://wordpress.com/plugins/leira-roles). After using one of these plugins, be sure to enable the "unfiltered_html" capability for yourself and any other trusted users, then follow the directions below to embed your video.

Embedding on WordPress

To embed your Vidalytics video within WordPress, start off on the Site Editor for your page.

First, select the "Custom HTML" block and drag it onto the section of the page where you would like your video to display.

Then, from Vidalytics, copy the "Standard" embed code for your video, and paste it into the Custom HTML block within WordPress.

Using oEmbed on WordPress

Adding an oEmbed link to your WordPress site requires one simple step, which you have to set up only once for your whole site.

In the theme functions.php file you have to add the following line:

wp_oembed_add_provider( 'https://preview.vidalytics.com/vid/*', 'https://preview.vidalytics.com/oembed' );

Then, search for Embed block in the editor:

Copy Quickshare Link on the dashboard:

Add the link to the editor:

Then click the button to embed. The block will identify the embed and make the video appear in the video editor:

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