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How to Embed Vidalytics Videos Into Modals
How to Embed Vidalytics Videos Into Modals
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If you're looking to embed your Vidalytics videos into a modal/pop-up on your webpage, we have a few options for you!

If you have our Smart Autoplay feature enabled, the example below will show you how to embed the video so the video only plays when you open the modal and will pause when you close it!

This example will work best for you if there is a case where you would want to completely remove the video from the DOM when the modal is closed. This will cause your video to restart when the modal is closed.

When using the code examples above for your own webpage, you will need to edit the following parts to match your own video embed code:

Modal with autoplay video - Google Chrome 2023-02-17 at 11.30.15 AM
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