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How to Set Up a Smart Vid
How to Set Up a Smart Vid

Initial steps to set up your first Interactive Smart Vid.

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Welcome to Interactive Smart Vids! πŸš€

In this article, we'll cover how to create your Smart Vid, and how to add question and choice options depending on your type of branch.

  1. Click the Smart Vids button on the left hand menu.

  2. Click "Add Video".

  3. Select the video you want to start with. The first video is the video that will create the Smart Vid. The rest of your sequence will stem from this first video.

Initial Setup Settings πŸš€

  1. Once your video has been added, click the "Add Branch" button.

  2. Beneath the video, you'll see a dropdown labeled "Type of Branch". Click that dropdown, and choose between Headline and Choices, or Clickable Areas.

    1. Headline and Choices: You'll have the option to create a headline (the question), along with up to 4 different choices for your viewer to choose from. You'll have the option to customize the button color, text color, and hover over color.

    2. Clickable Areas: Options that are not buttons, but instead are areas selected on top of your video that your viewer can click. The clickable area can be transparent, or you can set a background color. *Note: Clickable areas do not have headlines.

  3. Fill in your headline (this is usually the question).

  4. Fill in your choice options.

  5. In the "Goes to Vid" dropdown, choose the video this option will lead to.

    *Note: You cannot use the same video twice. If 2+ choice options lead to the same video, you'll have to duplicate that video inside your Vidalytics account. In the gif below, you'll notice the video options for choice #2 are grayed out because they've already been used in the Smart Vid.

How to Use Clickable Areas πŸš€

  1. In the "Type of Branch" drop down, select Clickable Areas.

  2. Starting with Choice 1, in the "Goes to Vid" dropdown, choose the video this option will lead to.

  3. Set the width and height of the clickable area. The width and height are both percentages of the video. Ex: 20% W and 20% H will be a square clickable area.

  4. Set the position of the clickable area using the X and Y axis. *Note: In the future, you will be able to draw in your clickable area.

  5. Click "Save Branch" to preview these changes.

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