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Tips To Improve Your Page Speed
Tips To Improve Your Page Speed
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Speed benchmark tools (such as Pingdom, GTMetrix, Page Speed Insights) that measure your page’s load times, can be misleading. Unfortunately, they rely on narrow definitions of best practices and don’t incorporate how a modern video player behaves, especially Vidalytics.

Our player is built for performance, not for benchmark tools. And it would be impossible to have perfect speed scores and a fast video player that converts in the real world.

You can read more about how Vidalytics and Page Speed Tools interact here:

Here are some general suggestions to speed up your website. They may not be applicable to your specific scenario, but these may be helpful to look into!

  1. Optimizing images with TinyPNG will reduce some bloat and increase load speed

  2. Cloud hosting is highly recommended. Especially using a CDN to load images and other assets. CDN's load your images from servers around the world closest to the person viewing the site. Page-builder's typically already do this.

  3. Avoid bloated themes on page-builders

  4. Add a good caching plugin, or just utilize browser and server caching of assets in general.

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