To connect Vidalytics to your HubSpot account, simply go to your Integrations page inside Vidalytics and select HubSpot from the cards displayed.

Once inside, Click on the Connect to HubSpot button.

This will open a login HubSpot page in which you'll need to add your login credentials.

Select the account you'd like to connect, and click on Choose Account.

On the next screen, read what data Vidalytics will need to access from your HubSpot account. If it all looks good, click Connect App.

You'll be redirected back to your Vidalytics account, and the button on your HubSpot page should have changed to 'Delete Integration'.

If you want to connect a different account or stop using the two apps together, simply click on Delete Integration and start the process from the beginning.

You're all set! You can now use Vidalytics' tags to edit your contacts inside HubSpot. With this, you can tag your contacts, add them to lists, or trigger email campaigns to be sent to them.

To learn more about how tags work, go here.

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