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HubSpot + Vidalytics Integration
HubSpot + Vidalytics Integration

How to Connect Vidalytics to HubSpot

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🚀 Connect Your HubSpot Account to Your Vidalytics Account

Connecting your HubSpot account to your Vidalytics account is a great way to capture new contacts and add them to your mailing list!

The connection works by creating a new contact or updating an existing contact inside a HubSpot account. A new contact will be created if the email address attached to the record is not in the account, or if a contact will be updated if the email address was already saved in the user’s account.

First - connect your HubSpot account via your Vidalytics account

On the next screen, read what data Vidalytics will need to access from your HubSpot account. If it all looks good, click Connect App.

You'll be redirected back to your Vidalytics account and the button on your HubSpot page should be changed to 'Delete Integration'.

If you want to connect a different account or stop using the two apps together, simply click on Delete Integration and start the process from the beginning.

You're all set! You can now use Vidalytics tags to edit your contacts inside HubSpot. With this, you can tag your contacts, add them to lists, or trigger email campaigns to be sent to them.

To learn more about how tags work, go here.

🚀 Testing the integration

First - create a tag in a Vidalytics video. Watch the video until the point in the video where the tag should be triggered on the preview page, passing viewer parameters, such as ‘email’ via the URL.

Next - go to HubSpot and test that the contact record has been updated with a ‘Vidalytics’ property, that includes the activity about the tag being triggered.

The same thing happens whenever a Play Gate is triggered or a specific Smart Vids choice is selected.

Enabling the Vidalytics Property in HubSpot

You will need to watch the video prior to being able to see the data in HubSpot, so the info is passed on to them and can be displayed.

Once you’ve triggered a tag / CTA / SV / Play Gate following the process above, go to the contact list in HubSpot and click on Edit Columns at the top right of the table.

From there, search for 'Vidalytics' under Contact Activity and enable it.

You can also enable it at the Contact level by clicking on the contact itself, and then on View All Properties, on the left sidebar.

From there, search from Vidalytics and add it to your view.

🚀 Create a Static Contact List in Your HubSpot Account

  1. Log in to HubSpot

  2. Under ‘Contacts’ menu, select ‘Lists’

  3. Click ‘Create list’ button > Enter list name

  4. Select ‘Static’ option

  5. Click ‘Next’ button > Click ‘Save List’.

🚀 Adding columns to the Contact List

  1. Open the list you just created

  2. Click ‘Actions’ dropdown top right

  3. Select ‘Edit Columns’ > Add or remove columns > Click Save

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