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What is the Rapid Engage Bar?
What is the Rapid Engage Bar?

What is the Rapid Engage Bar and how it works

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The Rapid Engage Bar is a simulated seeking bar that starts off really fast, in order to hook your viewers' attention, since your video will seem shorter to them at the beginning.

Then, the bar gradually slows down closer to the actual speed of your video as it progresses.

Visually, this bar looks just like a regular seeking bar, so nothing changes visually for your viewers. But it behaves differently πŸ˜‰

To enable it, go to your Video Settings page under Style > Rapid Engage Bar.

Zight 2024-3-27 at 5.05.48 PM

Make sure to republish your video after making any changes, and that's it!

Note: This feature cannot be used with a regular seeking bar, as it takes its place. It will also remove the video time from the controls to avoid confusion. Rapid Engage Bar cannot be used with the ReVisit Seeking bar. And it will not allow your viewers to jump ahead in your video either.

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