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How to embed my video on my website?
How to embed my video on my website?
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It's really easy! 

After you upload your video, we will generate a unique embed code for it, which you can then grab and place on your website. 

Your embed code will we available for you to grab after your video finishes transcoding (which may take up to 30 minutes for some files). We do this to make sure we get the right aspect ratio for your video before generating the script for it.

Once your video is transcoded, head over to your edit page. Grab your embed code from either the top or down right corners. 

Make sure to copy the whole script!

Paste your video's embed code wherever you want your video to show on your website. 

That's it! 

Your video will now play for all your viewers at blazing fast speed, anywhere in the world!

Not sure how to place the embed code on your landing page builder? Check out our Embedding Videos collection. 😃

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