Vidalytics is built for speed. Every hundredth of a second affects your conversions. 

So, first your videos are transcoded into a half dozen different versions, so they are ready to play on any device at any connection speed, anywhere in the world. 

Our player is super lean and built for speed. It is smaller and faster than Youtube’s player or any of our rivals’. 

Then, we serve your videos from one of hundreds of CDN locations around the world.

Our CDN locations are constantly load balanced against each other. And can handle petabytes of bandwidth traffic per second.

Bottomline - Vidalytics is FAST. And you don’t need to worry about this. 

As part of our beta testing, before we launched, we split tested our video player vs the biggest names in the industry to make sure our speed was fast enough, and indeed it was. Our speed made it so our player converted better. 

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