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Vidalytics + Salesmsg
Vidalytics + Salesmsg
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Please note: our integrations are not available on the Free plan, to gain access you will need to upgrade to any of our paid plans!
Salesmsg is one of the leading apps for SMS lead generation and nurturing, marketing and sales.

They have a great suite of features, including:

  • Mass SMS / MMS broadcasting

  • Scheduling replies

  • Auto follow up with event attendees

  • Shared inboxes (for teamwork)

  • Compliance features

  • Reporting and analytics

There are multiple use cases for Salesmsg + Vidalytics, including:

  • Emailing offers to leads after webinars

  • Sending your VSLs to viewers that want to watch later (and you can even combine this with our Resume Play feature!)

  • Retargeting campaigns

  • ...etc.

Here's a demo on how you can integrate the two and automate your SMS customer acquisition process:

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