Once you have created your page using the Elementor builder, you can add as many videos as you want by using the HTML element.

Simply drag and drop the element onto your page, and paste the embed code you have grabbed from Vidalytics into the code editor on the left sidebar of the page builder.

As always, make sure you publish your Vidalytics video if you make any changes, so they are reflected on your site. And, of course, make sure to publish any changes to your page on WordPress as well ;)

Important Note:

The WP 2021 theme seems to interact with how Vidalytics videos display. While we update on our side to make sure you don't have to trick it on yours, please follow these steps:

If you change your theme from 2021 to any of the others, while still using Elementor, then this solve the issue.

Or you can create a child theme that removes this line (170) from the style sheet:

Either one of these will solve this 😉

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