What is my Video ID?
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Your video ID is a unique identifier inside your embed code for an individual video.

The rest of your embed code stays pretty much the same for all videos, so if you want to edit an embed code and change the video it displays, without changing the entire code, you can simply change your video ID within it.

If you ever want to edit your embed code manually and place a new video ID in the same code, you'd need to replace it from these 3 spots in your original embed code (look for [VIDEO_ID] in this example):

<div id="vidalytics_embed_[VIDEO_ID]" style="width: 100%; position:relative; padding-top: 56.25%;"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
(function (v, i, d, a, l, y, t, c, s) {
y='_'+d.toLowerCase();c=d+'L';if(!v[d]){v[d]={};}if(!v[c]){v[c]={};}if(!v[y]){v[y]={};}var vl='Loader',vli=v[y][vl],vsl=v[c][vl + 'Script'],vlf=v[c][vl + 'Loaded'],ve='Embed';
if (!vsl){vsl=function(u,cb){
vsl(l+'loader.min.js',function(){if(!vli){var vlc=v[c][vl];vli=new vlc();}vli.loadScript(l+'player.min.js',function(){var vec=v[d][ve];t=new vec();t.run(a);});});
})(window, document, 'Vidalytics', 'vidalytics_embed_[VIDEO_ID]', 'https://quick.vidalytics.com/embeds/USER_ID/[VIDEO_ID]/');

This will work for any video inside your account.

However, if you need to change this to a video in a different account, like for a client or something similar, you'd also need to change the code for USER_ID to the correct one in this section of the embed:


You can find your user ID by grabbing any embed code from your Vidalytics account.


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