You can force your videos to play at a specific speed and still leave the speed control out of reach for your viewers by unchecking that control in your video dashboard.

To force a specific speed in your video, you will need to add this code to your page (not your video embed code) but don't forget to update it with your Vidalytics Embed ID:

<script type="text/javascript">
var EMBED_CODE_ID = 'vidalytics_embed_axL3Hf51sl_gjhaX'; // update this to match your Vidalytics Embed ID
var vidalyticsPlayerAPI = null;
var speed = 1.25;
function initializePlayerAPI() {
var player = getPlayer();
if (player._player) {
vidalyticsPlayerAPI = player;
setTimeout(initializePlayerAPI, 100);
function getPlayer() {
var embeds = (window._vidalytics || {}).embeds || {};
if (embeds[EMBED_CODE_ID]) {
return embeds[EMBED_CODE_ID].player || {};
return {};
function onPlayerAPIAvailableCallback() {

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