To pass your Vidalytics watch data to Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager, you'll need to set up and modify the code below to match your specific video and preferences on what you'd like to track:


_vidalyticsPlayerPlugin = {
"google-analytics": {
"id": "'UA-XXXXXXXXXX-X'", // Google Analytics ID
"videoTitle": "Video XYZ", // Video Title to Send to GA
"sendWatchedPercent": "10, 20, 30,50", // Which percents of video length should be sent to GA as "milestones"
"sendPlay": true, // Send Play Event to GA or not
"sendPause": true, // Send Pause Event to GA or not
"sendPausePercentage": true // Send at which time % user has paused

You can see events immediately here:

And a totals report here (it takes one day to update the Total Events report):

To see more details, click on the "Video" category:

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