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Vidalytics + Infusionsoft

How to connect Vidalytics, Infusionsoft, and Wordpress via Zapier

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Please note: our integrations are not available on the Free plan, to gain access you will need to upgrade to any of our paid plans!

  1. Infusionsoft landing pages won't work, so you may use Infusionsoft's webform instead and then use Wordpress or any other landing page builder for your actual page:

2. Click on the webform to edit and add any fields you want to use. Customize as preferred.

3. Head over to the Thank-you Page tab

4. Select web address, paste your Thank You page URL, and make sure Pass contact information to the thank-you page is checked

5. Head over to the Settings tab and make adjustments as needed
6. Go to the Code tab. Select HTML code and copy it

7. Send that code over to your developer (or to yourself if you're techy!). The code needs to be converted to one that works in Wordpress. Once you have a working code, go ahead and insert it to your Wordpress page.

8. In Vidalytics, set up your tags like this. This is the same parameter that will get passed on to your thank you page's URL.

9. Now, go to Zapier and set up your zap.
Note, you'll have to use the exact field you've set up in Vidalytics. In this ^ example, you'll have to choose this:

When done, test your zap! :)

Here's a video version of the tutorial (click below):

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