If you use landing page builders such as ClickFunnels or FunnelCockpit, you'll notice that they create two different versions of the page, one for Mobile and one for Desktop. 

What this means is that your video element (or HTML element, depending on the platform you are using), will be present twice on the same page. 

As you may already know, having the same video on one page is not possible in Vidalytics. Also, when adding two videos on the same page, you should use our 'Multiple Embed' type. 

So, what do you do in this case? 

  1. Place your original video in the desktop version of your page using the async embed

  2. Duplicate your original video

  3. Publish the duplicated version inside Vidalytics

  4. Grab a 'multiple' embed type for your second video

5. Place it in your video/HTML element on the mobile version of your page

6. Voilà! Both videos will display correctly for all your viewers on desktop and mobile. 

This is also a really cool way to then use both versions of your video and compare engagement based on which version of your video your viewers watched ;) 

Note: If you are using a tool like Convertri, that reuses the same element for both mobile and desktop, you only need to add your embed code in the HTML element once. 

Additional Note: If you are using ClickFunnels, when you want to embed multiple videos on the same page, you need to add the embed code for each of them, one below the other in the Tracking Code box.

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