How do I resize my video?
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This is super simple!ย 

The Vidalytics player is a fully responsive HTML5 player, because of this, you'd just need to change the size of the container or div that you're using on the page where you wish to put your video. Your Vidalytics video will take the size of whatever container you put it in.

With drag-and-drop landing page builders, you will most likely be able to set the size of the container just by dragging the corners. If you can't, that's not a problem. You will just need to set the size with your embed code. Here's an article that explains how to do this using CSS. If you do it directly in HTML, it'll be something like this:

<div style="width:600px;">
[embed code]

Hit us up if you have any questions about this! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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