How Smart AutoPlay Works
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You have probably heard by now that the latest versions of Chrome and Safari are blocking autoplay with sound. 

We have created a feature to help you work around this ban and keep your videos profitable.

Our Smart Autoplay works like this:

IF the browser blocks the video playing with sound, then we will opt for it to autoplay on mute.

Then, it can have a flashing overlay on top of it that says anything you want (default is Your Video is Playing, Click for Sound).

Then, you can have the video restart when the viewer unmutes it.

This is the formula we used to boost another user's conversion rate by 49%.

Try this feature out and let us know what you think! 

Here are some more details about the Chrome side of things: 

  • In most cases, autoplay with sound is prohibited,

  • Autoplay with sound on desktops can work if the user's Media Engagement Index score for the domain is above the threshold. Each user browser has its own MEI database. To simplify: if a viewer previously interacted with your domain before landing on your video page, the video should autoplay with sound most of the time.

If you want the video to always autoplay with the muted overlay, you can enable this setting in the "Smart Autoplay" tab when editing your video:

Vid Settings - Vidalytics - Google Chrome 2022-12-19 at 8.16.41 PM

If you need more details, you can check this article:

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