Vidalytics has a file size limit of 3.5GB. This should give you enough space to upload a VERY long video. 

However, if, after exporting your video, it is more than 3.5GB, we recommend you use a compression tool to make it smaller. This will not only help your upload time, but it will probably help your website load faster.

There are a number of tools out there, but we like to use a free software called HandBrake.

There are a number of things you can do to optimize your video's size, but here's a very simple place to start. 

Open HandBrake and load your video, by clicking on the 'Source' button, at the top left:

Once your video is loaded, simply click on the 'Web Optimized' checkmark, under 'Output Settings':

If you do not want to overwrite your file, make sure to change the name of it under 'Destination', so you do not make any changes to the original video. 

Finally, click on 'Start' and wait for the video to process. 

This should reduce your file size considerably, without messing with your video quality too much. 

Now go and enjoy the extra space on your hard drive! 

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