You can add as many Vidalytics videos as you want on a single page on your website(s). However, here is something to know before you do so:

When a single page has multiple videos published (from inside Vidalytics) at different times, you might end up with different versions of our player on your embed codes.

What does this mean and how does it affect you?

Old versions can interfere with the new versions if the older ones are below the newer ones in the code/page. 

The solution: 

If you placed your videos on the same page at different moments (let's say, a month or more in between), you should republish all the videos used so there are not interferences and they all play seamlessly. 

Always remember to use the multiple embed code type for multiple videos on your page. 

Your first/most important video should use a regular embed type, such as Async or Sync. 

After that, any additional videos on the same page should use the 'Multiple embeds' type, in order to make them play faster. 

If you ever republish a video with this 'Multiple Embeds' code, make sure you republish the main video on the page as well, to make sure none of your videos miss any new features. 

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