If you look at the different places where your plays are displayed, you'll notice small discrepancies. But don't worry! The system and your videos are working fine. These numbers are just displaying slightly different data. 

Here's how it works: 

On your dashboard, under Most Recently Played Vids, you'll see the unique plays since your videos were created up to the beginning of the previous day. 

To the right of it, you'll see plays for each video in the last 24 hours from the moment you are looking at the data (so this is SUPER up to date).

Below these, under Total Plays, you'll see the data for your videos up to the beginning of the previous day. 

Here's an image so you can see it right inside the dashboard:

On your video list, you'll also see the plays updated as of the beginning of the previous day.

Please note: The stats page is not available on the Free plan, to gain access you will need to upgrade to any of our paid plans!

Lastly, on your video stats page, you'll see the unique plays updated almost in real time (another SUPER up to date metric here). This data can have a 20-30 minutes delay during high traffic hours:

Currently, our reports are displayed in the UTC timezone.

It might be confusing at the beginning, but it is also a super powerful tool, to be able to compare your video's performance during different recent timeframes 😉

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