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How Does Resume Playback Work?
How Does Resume Playback Work?
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In Vidalytics you can send your customers back to the same point where they left the previous time they watched your video. 

By turning on "Resume Play" under the Play Options of your video settings page, your viewers will return to the same spot where they left off the previous time they visited your website. 

You can also set whether they have the option to resume or start over by enabling the Resume Play Message option. 

If you want your videos to start from the beginning each time a user visits your website, then turn off Resume Play Message

And, as always, Publish your video any time you make any changes to ensure they are applied to your live video. 

Note: Video watch time is saved on a per-video basis. Switching videos would reset the counter, meaning that replacing the video would affect the resume play function and all viewers will start over with the new video.

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