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Video Privacy & Domain Whitelisting
Video Privacy & Domain Whitelisting
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Our domain whitelisting feature will allow you to have more control on where your videos show up, so you're always on top of your marketing. 

You can set this up, by going to your profile page (click on your name to the top right and then on 'View Profile')

The Domain Whitelisting box will be to the right of your profile. 

Here, you can set up on which domains you want your videos to play. 

It's very important to note that if you add any domains to this list, your videos will ONLY show on those. 

If you leave this list empty, your videos will show on all domains they're embedded in. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Domain whitelisting has a 15-minute delay. When you whitelist a domain, then blocking all others may take up to 15 minutes to take effect.  


TIP: On top of whitelisting your domain, you may want to disable the direct link to your video for added security. To do this, go over to your video settings page, click on the 'Embed / Share' button at the top right, click over to the 'Quick Share / oEmbed' tab, and disable the Public Preview. As always, make sure you publish your video after you are done to make your changes live. 

Take a look at how to do it here: 

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